Our Mothers are Burning Out – COVID Fatigue and What to Do About It–VIDEO

Woman with fire on her back going into the cold in front of her. This signifies the change that occurs in relationships after attending an emotionally focused couples therapy intensive in Maine, Connecticut, or Massachusetts.

Mothers with children at home (young and adult) have been on the COVID frontline. They are protecting their family and home from an invisible enemy through diligent effort and hypervigilance, but at a cost.

This past month, mothers have been describing a set of consistent symptoms to me during our therapy. They do not match with compassion fatigue nor combat fatigue; I now consider these symptoms as a part of something I am calling “COVID Fatigue”.

Learn the symptoms and 3 solutions to help reduce COVID Fatigue in yourself and someone you care about in this 10 minute video.

Our Mothers are Burning Out – COVID Fatigue & What To Do About It

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