Couples Services

I want to help you succeed in your relationship.

You want to make sure I can be helpful; that what I do makes sense for your situation. I encourage you FIRST visit “How I Help Your Relationship” to understand how I work, what you can expect to gain with our work, and the treatment options I offer.

ONLINE “Hold Me Tight Workshops®” for Couples

Close up photograph of lesbian couple kissing during a formal event. Image meant to represent emotional connection and the ability to resolve conflicts when a couple attends a couple and marriage retreat with New England Hold Me Tight.

You may already know about me and how I help; you are trying to figure out which treatment option is right for you and your relationship.

My “Hold Me Tight Workshops®” provide the traditional “Hold Me Tight®” protocol but are SEMI-PRIVATE. What does this mean? The group size is unusually small; consisting of only 3 couples over two days.

Learning occurs in the group format but you engage in private conversations apart from the other couples in separate ‘virtual’ rooms.  While conversing and practicing your new skills, my assistant and myself rotate between the couples to ensure you are on track and are succeeding. You learn tools to improve communication, address conflict, and deepen your emotional and physical connection. You will have conversations deeper than you have ever had; creating lasting change in your relationship.

Private Couples and Marriage Retreats

Couple walking away on rainy day. This signifies couples attending an ONLINE Hold Me Tight program during COVID or a Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop in Massachusetts..

You may want a private option that is designed for your relationship’s unique struggles and needs.

My Private Couples and Marriage Retreats incorporate the “Hold Me Tight®” framework; over three or four days, you learn the tools that you would in the Semi-private Workshop. In addition, retreats have the benefit of complete privacy, a uniquely designed treatment plan, flexibility, and complete focus on you and your relationship

Your unique Relationship Retreat is crafted, based on information gathered during your Relationship Assessment.  We spend two days together with my complete attention solely on you, adjusting our agenda based on issues that come up and your relationship needs.  The Private Retreat can occur in a dedicated space at my location but there is also the option of working at a location you choose.  You will understand each other to an amazing depth, communicating and connecting deeper than you had imagined possible. The focus and depth of the Retreat not only changes how you do things, it actually transforms your relationship. 

“Hold Me Tight®” is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson