ONLINE Couples Workshop for Lesbians–“Hold Me Tight®”

Rainbow colored table with laptop and cappuccino signifying a marriage retreat for lesbian couples or an online LGBT couples workshop and lesbian friendly ONLINE Hold Me Tight Workshop for lesbian couples.

You love her; you want to be with her but you don’t know how to talk with her. Both of you make promises to change…to do things differently…but the same arguments keep happening again and again. Different topic, but same fight.

When Things are Good, They are Great

When you two are doing well, it’s amazing and wonderful. How would it be to be able to sustain and nurture that?

Imagine looking into your partner’s eyes…feeling seen and heard by her. Feeling…no…KNOWING that she has your back. Experiencing that connection like she is truly a part of you.

You Have the Right Woman, You Just Need the Right Tools

I have been a couples therapist for over 20 years, yet I have seen that many couples do not need therapy.

It’s not always about digging into the past and analyzing the relationship. Sometimes, it’s just about learning about relationships and practicing new tools to make relationships better.

As a Lesbian Relationship Coach, I Help You With:


Woman's hand holding a heart. Image signifies relationship help for lesbians by attending intensive relationship therapy for lesbians or a hold me tight couples workshop for lesbians.

— The science behind falling in love and sustaining it.

— The relationship patterns we get stuck in.


— Reducing conflicts.

— Repairing injuries and betrayals.


— Understanding and hearing your partner’s longings and fears.

— Increasing emotional and physical intimacy.

And You Practice the Relationship Tools

Throughout our two days together, you will have eight private conversations with your partner, practicing the tools and skills we have been discussing.

To make sure you are staying on track, I spend some time with you in your private virtual ‘room’ during each conversation. (I limit the Workshop to three couples to ensure I can interact with all couples).


I Help Lesbian Couples Nationally and Internationally

I work with lesbian couples from across the United States and even internationally. Not everyone can come to me, so I go to you.

Online Lesbian Couples Workshops Let You Have a Retreat Anywhere

You can do this Workshop anywhere you have a consistently good internet connection. By being online, you can ‘escape’ to the destination of your choice, yet still work on your relationship.

Lesbian Couples in Long Distance Relationships

Finding the ‘right’ woman can be tough and I realize many of you are in long distance relationships. If you can’t be in the same location, you can still attend the Workshop together.

Worried About Too Much Screen Time?

I get that; I would too. Due to that, I balance my Workshops between information, video clips, interaction and your practice time.

A Lesbian Couples Workshop That is Based on Science

Hold Me Tight book by Dr. Sue Johnson. This image is meant to portray Hold Me Tight in Massachusetts and Hold Me Tight retreat in Massachusetts.

The Workshop protocol is designed around the framework of Emotionally Focused Couples therapy. EFT has been shown to have a 90% success at reducing distress in couples; this Workshop packages the concepts, tools and skills of EFT into a weekend format.

Still Not Sure?

No worries! This is an investment of time, money, and emotional energy. You want whatever you do to be ‘right’ for you.

Create a Lesbian Retreat and Let Me Help Your Relationship

So go ahead and get away for the weekend. Pick a beautiful spot you can enjoy while we are working together. ‘Escape’ together and improve your relationship or marriage while you are at it!

“Hold Me Tight®” is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson.