Private Couples Therapy Retreat Location: Online


This options gives you the most flexibility to determine where YOU want to be during the Retreat.  Whether in your home, a luxurious resort, or a cozy get-away, you choose where you are and design the space so it’s most ideal for you.

Specifics of a Private Couples Therapy Retreat: Online

  • We meet over zoom, a secure video connection.
  • You choose where you want to be physically, ensuring there is good lighting and a good internet connection.
  • You set up your location to your needs, ensuring it’s comfortable, food/beverages are close at hand and privacy is maintained.
  • Even though 3 or 4 days online may seem intimidating, I ensure it’s balanced with variety, breaks, and not overwhelming.

I have done couples Retreats online many times and know how to do this well.

Truly, I want you to succeed!

Serving Boston to NYC, all of New England & Online