Lesbian Couples

bi-racial lesbian couple looking into each other's eyes. This image is meant to portray the emotional connection a lesbian couple will experience from attending a private relationship retreat or a Hold Me Tight Workshop with New England Hold Me Tight.

Many Therapists Don’t Realize the Unique Issues Lesbian Couples Experience

A lesbian relationship is not “just like any other relationship, except with two women”.

Yet so many therapists think this and don’t understand the nuances, challenges, and joys that lesbian couples uniquely experience.

I do understand. Due to that, I decided to create a website specifically for you.

You Miss Your Connection…and Your Best Friend

Increasingly you are having conflicts over small and big things. All these difficulties trigger feelings of insecurity, loneliness, and doubt. You want to talk with your best friend about it, to get some advice.

Oh! Your partner is your best friend, so you feel stuck.

As much as you both long to get back to the ease and joy of the relationship you had, you just don’t know how.

I get it

I have had my share of U-haul’s too.


Connecting in a deeper and more authentic manner.

Having tools to navigate through complicated conversations without hurting one another.

Managing conflicts in a way that promotes growth and strength in the relationship.

Repairing the hurts that have occurred so you can move forward together as a team.

If You Were Building Something, You Would Make Sure You Have the Tools

Why is your relationship any different? It’s not!

I consistently see that lesbian couples want the connection and their relationship to work, but they don’t have the tools.

Consider Me as Your ‘Home Depot’

Each relationship (and project) has different needs and a different budget. Go to my lesbian-specific website, www.TherapyforLesbianCouples.com. There, explore how I help couples just like you. See which of my ‘tools’ are the best fit for you and your relationship.

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