Lesbian Couples

bi-racial lesbian couple looking into each other's eyes. This image is meant to portray the emotional connection a lesbian couple will experience from attending a private relationship retreat or a Hold Me Tight Workshop with New England Hold Me Tight.

In the Beginning, You Felt a Magical Emotional Connection

You found one another, navigated dating complexities, packed the U-Haul and are now in a committed relationship. The connection was intense and you felt so amazingly understood by her. As your relationship progressed, you felt like your partner had your back and you enjoyed the world together, through rainbow-colored glasses. It felt fantastic to have finally found ‘the one’.

Then Communication Became Complicated…

The cocoon you two created together opened and you began to face the outside world. You realized there were some differences you had not anticipated. Issues such as different levels of being ‘out‘, blurred boundaries with ex’s, and family drama began to pierce the relationship bubbles you had created.

You love this person so intensely, but communicating about these things led to conflicts…misunderstandings. It’s painful to not ‘feel heard’ by your partner. Lesbian partners depend on one another as friends, so when things aren’t good, you can feel very alone. You started to see more differences than similarities and you weren’t so sure your partner had your back, after all.


There is stress on the relationship. You aren’t sure how to navigate individual versus couple issues, especially when they feel competing. Conflicts are occurring over little things that many straight couples don’t deal with. You both need the connection and strength of the other, but you feel misunderstood and not valued at times. Navigating through all these ISSUES feels overwhelming; sometimes it just feels bigger than both of you.

One or both of you think, “I am worried I am not the person you need me to be.” or I am afraid you will get tired of this and leave me.”

I get it.

You had a good foundation but the complexities of living as a lesbian couple in a straight world put strain on an otherwise stable couple. You have had to face things as individuals and as a couple and haven’t always had the communication abilities to do this successfully. All these challenges are fraying your connection. If we understand it, we have ways to address it. 


Connecting in a deeper and more authentic manner.

Having tools to navigate through complicated conversations without hurting one another.

Managing conflicts in a way that promotes growth and strength in the relationship.

Repairing the hurts that have occurred so you can move forward together as a team.

I Can Help

1. Right now, get some free tools and tips to start making things better TODAY. In my videos and blogs, you will learn about your relationship and also how I work.

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3. Take action and make significant change in your relationship by attending either an Intensive Couples Therapy Retreat for Lesbians or my Hold Me Tight® Workshop for couples. Over the course of two days, you will learn tools and practice skills that will change how you communicate and even possibly transform your relationship.

Which is Best for You, Retreat or Workshop?

You know your relationship best.  Look over the two options below and choose the one that fits you and your relationship’s needs.

Intensive Couples Therapy Retreat for Lesbians

Couple walking on path in New England on rainy day. This image represents how to fall in love again after attending a Hold Me Tight Workshop for couples in New England.

If your relationship is experiencing significant distress due to the challenge of complicated conversations and issues of difference, I recommend Private Retreat option.  With this option, you learn all the skills I teach in a workshop: concrete skills to communicate on a deeper level, address conflicts, and connect with understanding and compassion. The Retreat allows you complete privacy, my full attention, and the ability to create a weekend based on your schedule and focused on your relationship’s unique needs so you can become a unified front, once again. I see relationships improve significantly in the Workshop. Relationships are transformed in Private Retreats.   

ONLINE “Hold Me Tight Workshops®” for Couples

Close up photograph of LGBT couple kissing during a formal event. Image meant to represent emotional connection and the ability to resolve conflicts when a couple attends a couple and marriage retreat with New England Hold Me Tight.

If you are experiencing some periods of disconnection but are able to navigate them without scarring, the Workshop provides a generalized format that teaches you tools and give you practice so you can understand one another better. You learn concrete skills to communicate on a deeper level, address conflicts, and connect with understanding and compassion.  

Either way, we will get you started back onto that path where you can communicate and connect with your partner again.


I want you to succeed!

“Hold Me Tight®” is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson.