About Us

Bri McCarroll–Lead Therapist, Relationship Coach and Founder

Close-up of Bri McCarroll, MSW, LICSW.

I describe myself as an authentic, compassionate yet direct person.

My Education and Training

I have had a private practice in Western Massachusetts for over 20 years and specialize in helping couples and individuals navigate the challenges of relationships. My MSW is from Smith College with specialized training from Yale Child Study Center. I have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, in addition to training in Imago and the Gottman Method for couples. My background in Positive Psychology and mindfulness are interwoven into my Retreats and Workshops as well.

I lead at least two “Hold Me Tight Workshops®” and/or Retreats monthly. Their popularity has led to couples come from as far as Canada and California to attend these with me. Using the Hold Me Tight®  framework, I have designed my own protocol and materials. I am consistently successful with couples of various ages, orientations, and backgrounds.

How I am Different

I genuinely love and am skilled at what I do. This comes through in my being fully-present, my compassion for your pain, my playfulness of spirit, my creation of a nurturing space, and my positive energy. 

My work as a couples and marriage therapist and relationship coach is not just a job. Couples seek me out when they are in crisis and it’s my responsibility to give my very best with every couple. I get an incredible joy in seeing couples connect and heal.

I truly care.

Laurie McKee–Relationship Coach

Photo of Laurie McKee, a relationship coach that assists lesbian friendly workshops for lgbt couples.

I describe myself as intuitive, kind, and pragmatic.

My Education and Training

Honestly, I had never planned to work so intensely with people. I attended Mount Holyoke and received a degree in biology. From there, I spent time in Kenya, working with giraffes and zebras on a wildlife management ranch. As much as that was my passion, I ended up with a civil service job upon my return to the States. In that capacity, I realized I have a natural ability to listen and help others.

Under Bri’s advice, I attended trainings and learned couples therapy models of Emotionally Focused Therapy and Gottman, in addition to others. Although I have attended these trainings, I function as a relationship coach; focusing on the skills rather than the internal psyche of couples. I have assisted in all the Workshops New England Hold Me Tight has held but I do not lead Private Retreats with couples.

How I am Different

Due to my science background, I look at things a bit pragmatically. This view helps me engage with couples in very a concrete, clear, yet compassionate manner.

I get a thrill from seeing the changes that happen in couples during our Hold Me Tight Workshops®.

The Location

Retreats and Workshops are held in dedicated clinical spaces in a beautiful New England colonial home, located in Springfield, Massachusetts. (See photo at the bottom of page). The relaxing space and beauty of the grounds set you at ease and invite you to share with one another in a natural and authentic manner.

We have created an additional option for your comfort and safety. Couples Workshops are now available online. Although you meet as a group, each couple has a private ‘virtual’ space. You still get all the great benefits of the Workshop, but in the comfort of your home.

Together, we have helped so many struggling couples in Massachusetts and throughout New England with Bri’s Private Marriage Retreats and our “Hold Me Tight Workshops®“. We know we can make things better.

There is hope.

“Hold Me Tight®” is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson

Stone walkway with garden beds on both sides, leading up to a bench. This image is meant to represent emotional connection and the ability to rebuild trust after attending a Hold Me Tight Workshop in Massachusetts with Bri McCarroll of New England Hold Me Tight.
Private Couples and Marriage Retreat take place in a dedicated clinical space in beautiful New England.