Details for Private Couples and Marriage Intensives (Retreats)

It’s All in the Details…

Read the information below. If you have questions, please reach out for a consultation.

What Do We Receive During a “Hold Me Tight®” Couples Retreat?

During the Private Retreat

  • Relationship Assessment Session for each of you (prior to your Retreat)
  • Uniquely designed retreat based on your needs and goals
  • 17 hours of my one-on-one attention (including assessment and follow-ups)
  • A “Hold Me Tight®” workbook with exercises to take home with you
  • Structured practice of relationship tools
  • Beverages and snacks to nurture you during your Retreat
  • Special gift to take home to help you connect after the Workshop

After the Private Retreat

  • Summary of strategies specifically matched to your relationship
  • Follow-up 1 hour video session
  • Exclusive access to subsequent coaching or therapy with me
  • Ongoing weekly emails with tips/tools to help your relationship
  • Exclusive membership in my private “Hold Me Tight®” Alumnae group on Facebook where you have access to me, my assistant, and other couples who have attended my “Hold Me Tight®” Workshops or Private Retreats.

Couples Retreats FAQS

How Long is the Couples Retreat?

Two days: generally Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday 9-4. Plus 2 individual sessions scheduled before the Retreat and 1 follow-up session scheduled after the Retreat. (Lunch is 45 minutes both days, on your own, with optional ‘homework’).

It’s 17 hours in total; equaling 4 months of therapy.

What are the scheduling options?

I schedule Retreats from Thursday evening through Monday. Generally, couples prefer a Friday/Saturday schedule so they have a day to rest before returning to work.

Share your scheduling needs with us and we will find something that works. This Retreat is all about you!

Where does the Private Couples Retreat occur?

Traditionally, Retreats have been held in my colonial home, located in Springfield, Massachusetts. I have dedicated space in the house so that it’s comfortable and private. You do not stay overnight in the house.

Due to COVID, ONLINE Retreats are becoming increasingly popular. You pick the location you want to be and we work through video.

Rest assured, if you pick the ONLINE option, I balance your time well between screen time and interactive time with your partner. Some couples even break up the sessions to shorter times to accommodate this format.

Are you able to come to us or to another location?

Possibly. As an essential worker, I am able to book hotels and can work with you to meet at a location that gives you an ‘escape’ yet is large enough for social distancing. This option incurs additional fees due to my travel.

What are the steps in this process?
  1. Contact me to discuss your dates. Once we agree, a 50% deposit is required.
  2. You each receive an emailed link to my client portal where you complete a confidential “Relationship Questionnaire” and necessary paperwork.
  3. One month prior to your Retreat date, we contact you to schedule your individual Relationship Assessment Sessions (these are generally done online).
  4. Final payment of 50% is due the week before we are to meet.
  5. We meet and you begin to see things in your relationship like you never have before.
Empty Nester age couple dancing together; apparently falling in love again. This image is meant to represent emotionally connection, mutual respect, and rebuilding trust in a healthy relationship; tools learned from a Private Hold Me Tight couples therapy retreat in Massachusetts or a private Hold Me Tight couples therapy retreat in New England.
Private Couples Retreats teach you communication strategies to rebuild trust and create emotional connection in your relationship once again.

Take the First Step to a Better Connection and Relationship

Couples improve in my Couples Workshops, but
relationships can be transformed in my Private Couples Retreats.

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