How I Help

I give you the skills and tools to understand what is not working in your relationship and the ability to make things better through my Hold Me Tight® Retreats and Workshops.

What is “Hold Me Tight®”?

“Hold Me Tight®” is not sitting with a therapist and discussing all the past issues. Nor is it about blaming one partner or the other for the problems in the relationship.

“Hold Me Tight®” is a protocol designed to teach couples the tools to communicate and connect effectively in their relationship. You learn and practice skills over two days in a conversation format. The Conversations are very structured to ensure you are practicing the tools successfully and will be able to continue to use them once you return home.

“Hold Me Tight®” is Not Therapy

It is an educational program that teaches you the tools so that YOU can make your relationship better. As a result, you have the skills to work on your relationship on your own or between couples sessions (if you are seeing a therapist).

We were on the brink of divorce…I almost cannot believe how incredibly effective this was in solving our communication breakdown.  It taught us to see each other’s hidden messages and needs underneath the anger, resentment, and distance that had developed.  I am walking away with a powerful toolbox to tackle any problems or communication breakdowns we may have in the future.”

Jennifer, HMT attendee, 2018

Learn Tools for Your Relationship

Our time together is a balance between learning information and practical application. During the two days, you will:

  • Understand the science behind your disconnections.
  • Diagnose your relationship’s unique pattern of conflict.
  • Navigate some past conflicts in a productive manner so you connect and get stronger as a couple.
  • Repair an injury in your relationship, finally putting it to rest.
  • Learn how to address difficult topics, such as sex and money.
  • Above all, communicate authentically and connect with your partner.

Research-based Treatment

Emotionally Focused Therapy and Gottman’s Couple’s Therapy are the two most successful treatment models for couples. They have both been rigorously researched and tested with couples in numerous studies. While I use both models, I primarily work with Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Dr. Sue Johnson developed Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT has a 90% success rate at reducing distress in couples. During her research, she determined that successful couples benefit from engaging in specific conversations. These conversations are the basis of her Workshop protocol, which is called “Hold Me Tight®”.

Here is a helpful podcast with Dr. Sue Johnson where you can learn more about the science and philosophy behind EFT and “Hold Me Tight®”.

Who I Help

“Hold Me Tight®” is helpful for all couples, as it’s focused on helping couples understand each other, communicate better, and connect deeper emotionally and physically. I have particular skill and experience in helping the couples listed below.

Couples in Frequent Conflict
Couples as Empty Nesters
Couples in Transition
Couples Identifying as LGBT
Couples Living as Roommates

Choose the Format Best for You

I give you tools and relief quickly (in two days) and effectively through Semi-private Workshops or Private Retreats.

Semi-private “Hold Me Tight®” Workshops

My Small Group Workshops provide the traditional “Hold Me Tight®” protocol in a group consisting of 4 couples over two days. 

Learning occurs in the group format but you engage in private conversations apart from the other couples in separate rooms.  While conversing and practicing your new skills, my assistant and myself rotate between the couples to ensure you are on track and are succeeding. You learn tools to improve communication, address conflict, and deepen your emotional and physical connection. You will have conversations deeper than you have ever had; creating lasting change in your relationship.

couple walking in new england

“Hold Me Tight®” Private Retreats

My Private Retreats incorporate the “Hold Me Tight®” framework; over two days, you learn the tools that you would in the Semi-private Workshop. In addition, retreats have the benefit of complete privacy, a uniquely designed treatment plan, flexibility, and complete focus on you and your relationship

Your unique Retreat is crafted, based on information gathered during your pre-Retreat individual sessions.  We spend two days together with my complete attention solely on you, adjusting our agenda based on issues that come up and your relationship needs.  The Private Retreat can occur in a dedicated space at my location but there is also the option of working at a location you choose.  You will understand each other to an amazing depth, communicating and connecting deeper than you had imagined possible. The focus and depth of the Retreat not only changes how you do things, it actually transforms your relationship.  

I Know What Works

I have worked with couples for over 20 years and I have seen what works.

You are hurting and probably have been for quite some time; damage has happened and you are wondering if you will last.

Couples need to learn the tools to navigate day-to-day life. Whether you are in couples therapy now or not, you need to learn how to:

  • Reach towards your partner so you feel connected.
  • Communicate and actually feel understood.
  • Feel and even KNOW your partner has your back.

My wife and I were at a standstill; plagued by negative behaviors.  After 2 days, I really feel like we’re in a much better place, feeling connected and understood and heard…something we’ve looked for for a long time.  We’ve been given the tools to reconcile and improve, which I’m thankful for.  Now, it’s on us to do the work.”

Mark, HMT attendee, 2018


After our work, you are automatically added to a bi-weekly email where I share tools and tips to help your relationship. We have a private online follow-up approximately two weeks later.

Ongoing support is available through a private Facebook group for my “Hold Me Tight®” alumnae only. This group has access to me, supplemental information, and support from other members who have learned “Hold Me Tight®” from me.

If needed, I provide continued support after your intensive work is complete. Many couples do not require this, but it’s an option if your relationship needs more after-care.

Immediately or months later, I am always available to continue our work to strengthen your tools and connection even further.

If you currently have a couples therapist, I share our work so that your tools and learning can be transitioned into your ongoing work with that provider.

Your Time and Money is Important.

Your Relationship is PRECIOUS.

You know how bad your relationship’s pain is. As a result, you may have the patience to go the slower, more traditional route with weekly couples therapy, without the “Hold Me Tight®” tools, and hope that it works.

I want you to succeed and I know that learning these tools greatly increases your relationship’s success.

Are you ready to make your relationship better?

“Hold Me Tight®” is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson.