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Helping Your Partner With 'Complicated Family'–VIDEO

You dread seeing them. Your anxiety rises as you envision the interactions. Your old ‘stuff’ (insecurities, frustrations, memories) starts popping up and flooding your thoughts when you think about interacting with them. Who am I speaking about? Complicated family. You probably have your own strategies for when you see your more difficult relations. Seeing your…

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Developing an “Attitude of Gratitude” For Your Relationship

When we have a new relationship, like a new thing; we easily love and adore it. Our relationship benefits from this adoration. As time goes on, our relationship is not so shiny and we tend to not be as appreciative that we are no longer alone in life, that we even HAVE a relationship. This…

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How to Express Appreciation in Your Relationship So That You Both Benefit–VIDEO

“I just don’t feel appreciated by my partner…I don’t feel that he acknowledges what I am doing and he just doesn’t seem to appreciate me.”

Learn some benefits of showing appreciation in your relationship and ways to make your efforts a bit more effective.

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Why It’s Hard to See the Good in Our Partners–VIDEO

VIDEO: When you feel disconnected in your relationship, it’s easy to see the bad and be critical about your partner; it can become hard to find the good. We start wondering if we are ‘negative’ or what is wrong with us.

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How to ‘Be There’ for Your Partner

Your partner comes to you stressed out. You want to help her; make things better. So, you start making suggestions on what she should do.

She replies, “I don’t need you to fix it, I just need you to listen!”

You feel at a loss as to what to do; you thought you were being helpful. Confused and hurt, you become quiet.

She continues, “Here we go. I try to talk with you about things and you just shut down or don’t respond. You can’t just be there for me.”

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Our Relationship Conflicts: Two Sides of the Same Coin

When we have a conflict, it can appear like a big mess of emotions, words, expressions, and actions. Underneath all of that, there’s actually a pattern that is pretty consistent, even if the topics may vary.

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How to Avoid ‘Cornering Questions’

You ask your partner, “Did you miss me?”
Your partner’s heart skips a beat. You have just asked one of those sticky ‘yes/no’ questions (I fondly call these ‘cornering questions’ as it places your partner in a corner where he/she is stuck with no ‘right’ answer)!

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Writing Your Relationship’s Love Story

We document our wedding day, a school year, the first few years of a baby’s life…why not write and acknowledge the days, years, and life of our love relationships?

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Watch Your Words: “Yes…but”

“I love this spaghetti, but the pasta is a bit mushy.”

You were trying to give a compliment…to connect through kind words. Unfortunately, all your partner heard was “The pasta is a bit mushy,” and is looking hurt and angry.

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