You feel lonely in this relationship

You are losing hope that things can be better.

It’s exhausting and disappointing…trying to figure out how to make it different.

I understand.

I can help.


My name is Bri McCarroll.

I specialize in helping couples just like you.


Understanding the science behind your disconnections so you can do things differently.

Having tools to address the distance or conflicts in the relationship.

Resolving the ‘big’ issues that you can’t even talk about

Communicating on a deeper, more authentic, level.

You may think traditional weekly couples therapy is the only solution.


I want you to succeed, so I do things VERY differently

Your treatment is not spaced across weeks and months.

In a private retreat or semi-private workshop format, you work on your relationship quickly and effectively.

After two days, you have the tools and skills that change how you connect and communicate.

What Does a Hold Me Tight® Retreat or Workshop Look Like?

It’s hard to imagine what it looks like; how it works.

I work with individual couples in my Private Retreats or with four couples in my Semi-private Workshops.

Although there are differences, both follow the Hold Me Tight® protocol and incorporate Emotionally Focused Therapy.

My Retreats and Workshops are Based on Science

I don’t begin your treatment with traditional weekly talk therapy. There is a science behind the lack of connection in your love relationship; giving you the tools to address your communication breakdowns and disconnections is my initial priority.

Using the Hold Me Tight® protocol, a program based on decades of research, I do 4 months’ worth of treatment in 2 days.

I have successfully helped couples over 20 years. I have seen what works, and what doesn’t.

Stone walkway with garden beds on both sides, leading up to a bench. This image is meant to represent emotional connection and the ability to rebuild trust after attending a Hold Me Tight Workshop with Bri McCarroll of New England Hold Me Tight.
The “Hold Me Tight Workshop®” and Private Couples and Marriage Retreat take place in a dedicated clinical space in beautiful New England.

Remember, I want you to succeed!

“Hold Me Tight®” is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson.