Private Couples Therapy Retreat Location: Your Choice

Couple relaxing in hammock. This image is meant to portray emotional connection after attending a Hold Me Tight Retreat in New England or a Hold Me Tight Retreat in Massachusetts.



This option combines your choice of the Retreat location with the in-person option.  Whether you want to meet in the comforts of your home or an exotic destination, you are in control of where we meet and I will go to you.  This option is the most individualized and has additional costs incurred due to my travel.

Specifics of a Private Couples Therapy Retreat: Your Choice

  • You determine the location of our Retreat and I will come to you.
  • Escape to a beautiful location and work on your relationship at the same time.
  • The Retreat space needs to include wifi, a tv, and comfortable seating for all of us.
  • You are responsible for our own snacks/beverages.
  • This option may incur additional costs, based on the distance from my office location. Additional costs are determined as follows:
    • This Retreat cost is at the ‘in-person’ rate.
    • If the Retreat location is within a 30-minutes one-way drive from my location, there is no additional cost.
    • If the Retreat location is further than 30 minutes one-way, then I charge my clinical rate ($250 hourly) for the driving time (as it becomes part of the time I dedicate to the Retreat).
    • If the location is further than 90 minutes one-way, then I need to stay overnight.  The rate for this is my driving/flying time plus a $500 fee per night. This fee may be reduced to $300 per night if a hotel of appropriate quality is paid for by you.

Truly, I want you to succeed!

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