“Hold Me Tight®” Private Couples Therapy Intensives

Maybe You’ve Heard About “Hold Me Tight®” Workshops

These Workshops are held around the world and have helped literally thousands of couples improve their connection and communication. They are based on science and follow a protocol established by Dr. Sue Johnson in her book, Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love.

These Workshops improve your relationship by helping you understand the science behind your relationship struggles and giving you tools to reduce conflicts, increase understanding, and repair longstanding issues. I present these Workshops; follow this link to learn more about them.

Hold Me Tight book by Dr. Sue Johnson. This image is meant to portray Hold Me Tight in Massachusetts and Hold Me Tight retreat in Massachusetts.

But, a ‘Workshop’ is Not for Everyone

As great as they are, you may feel hesitant to attend a ‘Workshop’. Your feelings are valid. People often are hesitant to attend a Workshop because they wonder about:

Confidentiality. As professionals and members of small communities, you may be apprehensive of being recognized by other community members and your attendance being shared with others in the community.

Attention. You are dedicating a chunk of time to improving your relationship. Although you are putting all your attention on it, it may feel less than ideal to have to share the leader’s time with other couples.

Schedule. Our lives are busy and you might want something that fits your schedule, rather than flexing your time to fit the Workshop schedule.

Privacy. People struggle to speak about relationship issues. It can feel overwhelming to imagine being in a room with others, discussing your most private pains.

Young lesbian couple or LGBT couple looking at each other lovingly. This signifies emotional connection and better communication in their relationship due to attending a Hold me tight private retreat.

Private “Hold Me Tight®” Private Couples Therapy Retreats are the Solution

These Private Retreats address the concerns about attending a Workshop.

You are the only couple, so my attention is on you the entire time. We schedule the Retreat around your time line and your privacy is completely assured.

Private “Hold Me Tight®” Couples Therapy Retreats Have Additional Benefits

When you attend a Private Retreat at New England Hold Me Tight, I do my best to ensure it’s as successful as possible. By choosing a Hold Me Tight Retreat, rather than the Workshop format, you receive the additional benefits:

Relationship Assessment – I meet with each of you individually for an hour to learn your history, perspective, struggles and goals.

Three or Four-day Option – Some couples prefer a three-day option so they learn the basic skills of communicating and connecting. The four-day option allows us to address additional topics such as sexual intimacy or relationships betrayals.

Summary of Our Work – Based on what we do together, I create a summary that reviews some of the specific Conversations and tools you learned. Additional tools/tips that we may not have discussed but I know are helpful for couples are also included.

Location Options – As with all my Private Retreats, you have three location options. This allows you to pick the option that is ‘just right’ for your relationship.

Make This Private Couples Therapy Intensive ‘Just Right’ – Choose Your Location


This options gives you the most flexibility to determine where you want to be during the Retreat.  Whether in your home, a luxurious resort, or a cozy get-away, you choose where you are and design the space so it’s most ideal for you. 

Picture of white New England colonial home where the New England Hold Me Tight Workshops and New England Hold Me Tight Private Couples Retreats occur.


This option puts you in my hands, my space and is in-person.  Located in Springfield, Massachusetts, we meet at my home office.  The calm and beautifully decorated space is designed to be professional, peaceful and yet ‘homey’.  

Couple relaxing in hammock. This image is meant to portray emotional connection after attending a Hold Me Tight Retreat in New England or a Hold Me Tight Retreat in Massachusetts.


This option gives you complete control over your Retreat location.   Whether we meet in the comforts of your home or an exotic destination, you decide where we meet and I will go to you.  For people who really want to ‘escape’, this is ideal.

Basic FAQS

How long is the Hold Me Tight® Private Retreat?

These Retreats are 9 to 4 for three or four days, depending on your choice.

Where do we do this Retreat?

I offer these Retreats with three different location options.

  • Online
  • My Place
  • Your Choice

Learn about the different Retreat locations here.

How many couples are at this Retreat?

This is a Private Retreat; you are the only couple attending. All my attention and time is focused on you.

What’s included?
  • My complete attention on you and your relationship from 9-4:00 daily for three or four days. This is the equivalent of 6 to 9 months’ worth of couples sessions.
  • Resource Workbook that includes exercises and information to support you at home.
  • Relationship Assessment based on an initial online intake and individual sessions that occur during the Retreat.
  • Individual Intensive Sessions (1 to 3 per person) designed to augment our couples work. These sessions specifically address stressors you have individually in your relationship.
  • Summary of tools and strategies we used during your Retreat. Additional tools are included that I have seen to be effective with couples in general.
  • Snacks and beverages during the Retreat to nurture and sustain you (if your Retreat occurs at my location).
  • Exclusive Access to subsequent relationship coaching sessions as needed and based on my schedule availability.
How successful is this?

The model used, Emotionally Focused Therapy, has a 90% success rate at reducing distress in couples.

Every couple I have worked with has left in a better place. Most couples move forward on the path of recovery and strengthening their connection.

Even if a couple decides not to continue their relationship, they are able to engage in more productive and compassionate conversations after the Retreat. The understanding and communication tools gained make co-parenting and other interactions more effective and less combative.

What’s the Next Step? Learn More…

Go to my my FAQS page for my Retreats and Intensives. There, you will learn the specific and concrete details (such as costs, use of insurance, etc) that apply to my Retreats and Intensives, in general.

Relationships change during a Workshop.

Relationships are transformed

during Private Hold Me Tight® Couples Therapy Retreats

Close up portrait of cheerful couple in love smiling on green background. This signifies an emotional connection and better communication skills and better relationship due to a private couples retreat.

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