ONLINE "Hold Me Tight Workshops® " for Couples

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You have not been connecting effectively for a long time. Communication is breaking down and non-existent at times. Things were hard enough before Covid-19; now, things are even more difficult.

You want to make things better, but you don’t know how. Maybe you are open to couples therapy, but your partner isn’t. And, anyways, who has the time? You are hurting and need help now.

ONLINE “Hold Me Tight®” Workshops


Imagine having tools to communicate without all the conflict. Feeling seen, heard, and appreciated by your partner. Knowing how to connect so your partner responds back. Imagine knowing your partner has your back.


My ONLINE Workshops are ideal for couples who:

  • need tools to communicate & connect
  • want change quickly
  • unable to attend an in-person Workshop
  • have a long-distance relationship
  • want a cost-effective option


“Hold Me Tight Workshops®” are based on decades of research. Dr. Sue Johnson developed Emotionally Focused Therapy, a therapy model that has a 90% success rate. She found successful couples engage in seven Conversations. These Conversations are the core of the Workshop and are the ones you will experience.

I have worked with couples for over 20 years. I help couples learn the tools to quickly make change. My success is consistent and is based on science. From my years and experience, I know ONLINE “Hold Me Tight®” Workshops can help.

Workshops are limited to FOUR couples

Supported practice is a big part of my success. I limit my Online Workshop to three couples so I am able to rotate between all couples throughout both days. Truly, I want you to succeed, so I keep my Workshops very small.

I will be setting up a Workshop schedule soon. Please reach out if you want to be on my waitlist or to possibly discuss a Private Retreat.

Dates Don’t Work?

Pick Your Own Dates With a Private Hold Me Tight Retreat.

Apparent lesbian couple making heart shape with hands; portraying emotional connection after attending an emotionally focused couples therapy intensive in Massachusetts.

You Want the Workshop But are Not Sure About ‘ONLINE’

Maybe you have most likely heard about these Workshops from a therapist or friend. You know they are great for learning skills and making a change in your relationship. You have doubts about doing this Workshop online though.

Let me tell you something about me…

I Don’t Like Attending Online Webinars!!!

Why? Because they go on and on and I end up staring at a screen for hours. It’s exhausting and boring. I have to pinch myself or drink massive amounts of coffee to stay awake.

My ONLINE Hold Me Tight® Workshops are Different

Screen time is less than half the Workshop

Sitting and just listening won’t give you the tools, you need to practice what you learn. Due to that, the focus of this Workshop is on you engaging with your partner and applying what you are learning.

As much as this is an ONLINE Workshop, my presentation portion is actually less than half the total Workshop time.

When I present, I don’t just lecture

I want you to learn this, so I know I have to keep you engaged. Due to that, I talk some, show video clips, ask you questions, and have you do ‘mini-exercises’ during my presentation portion. Teaching is fun for me, so I work hard to make your learning a positive experience.

Screen time is broken up

Look at the schedule and you see how I alternate the screen time with the practical portions of the Workshop. This is how I always run my Workshops; ONLINE is no different. I want you to PRACTICE the tools you are learning, so I give you plenty of time on both days to do so.

Interracial couple kissing, indicating better communication after attending a marriage retreat or marriage workshop at New England Hold Me Tight.

Additional Concerns?

1. Learning the technology

I know video meetings can be new for some people. Due to that, I schedule a separate 30-minute meeting with each couple prior to the Workshop so we can practice the technology. I want you to feel comfortable and confident about how to sign on and participate in this format.

2. Privacy

This ONLINE Workshop is exactly what I do for my ‘in-person’ Workshop. We meet together in one ‘room’ while I present the information. When it’s time to have your personal conversations, I send each couple to a private ‘virtual room’. There, no one else can see/hear you. I join in to assist you with your Conversations, just as I would if we were meeting together ‘in person’.

3. Inclusive

My Workshops are designed for all relationships.  I am respectful of cultural, racial, and ethnic differences.  Same-sex couples are welcome and I have Workshops specifically for lesbian relationships.

Rainbow colored table with laptop and cappuccino signifying a marriage retreat for lesbian couples or an online LGBT couples workshop and lesbian friendly ONLINE Hold Me Tight Workshop for lesbian couples.

Upcoming ONLINE Hold Me Tight Workshops®

I will be setting up a Workshop schedule soon. Please reach out if you want to be on my waitlist or to possibly discuss a Private Retreat.

Want to Attend ‘In Person’ Instead?

I get that.

If you want to meet in-person, consider a Private Hold Me Tight Retreat

ONLINE “Hold Me Tight Workshops®” are NOT All the Same

Although Workshops around the country have the same name, there are significant differences. I emphasize these, not as a business woman, but as a couples and marriage therapist who realizes you are hurting and want the best odds for your success.

Whether you attend mine or another, I encourage you to consider the following factors that will contribute to your success:

  • Group size?
  • How well does the presenter know ‘your story’?
  • Privacy?
  • Are all 7 “Hold Me Tight” Topics covered?
  • Do you get assistance for every conversation?
  • What is the initial follow-up after the Workshop?
  • Are there additional supports to help you months later?
Hand holding showing better communication skills after attending emotionally focused couples therapy intensive in Massachusetts.

I love what I do and I want you to succeed!

You are Thinking ‘Maybe’, But You Need More Details?

That makes sense. This is an investment of time, money, and emotional effort. And, you are probably still curious how I schedule the screen time so you are not overwhelmed.

I want you to feel completely comfortable, so here are the details:

ONLINE Hold Me Tight® Workshops change your relationship over ONE weekend.

empty nest age couple running, showing emotional connection after attending intensive marriage and couples counseling in a hold me tight workshop in Massachusetts.

Why wait?

Serving Boston to NYC, all of New England & Online

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