Semi-Private "Hold Me Tight Workshops®"

Close up photograph of LGBT couple kissing during a formal event. Image meant to represent emotional connection and the ability to resolve conflicts when a couple attends a couple and marriage retreat with New England Hold Me Tight.

You have not been connecting effectively for a long time. Communication is breaking down and not existent at times. You want things to be different; you are considering a Hold Me Tight® Workshop. With my Semi-private Workshop, you will:

  • Understand the science behind your disconnections.
  • Diagnose your relationship’s unique pattern of conflict.
  • Practice new tools to navigate disagreements.
  • Learn how to effectively apologize and address hurts.
  • Communicate authentically and connect with your partner.

What is a “Semi-Private” Hold Me Tight® Workshop?

People often pick a Hold Me Tight® Workshop based on dates and location. Mine is different from most; that’s why it has a different name. Watch this video to learn more.

Private Conversations are Kept Private

You start the morning with three other couples in a semi-circle; I explain about the biology behind our connections and conflicts in our relationships. I show some videos, you will laugh, maybe shed a few tears, and you start to understand how you can love your partner but feel so alone and misunderstood. Things start to click and make sense.

Then it’s time to apply what you have learned. Each couple goes to a separate room for privacy. Soft background music and sound machines create a calm, soothing space and increased confidentiality.

In this private space, you and your partner have structured conversations intentionally researched and designed to increase your understanding of one another, improve your communication, and deepen your connection. My assistant and I will navigate amongst the rooms, making sure you stay on track and don’t escalate to the conflicts or shutdowns that may happen at home.

Some couples require additional privacy. If that is you, I suggest you learn about my Hold Me Tight® Private Retreats.

Based on Science

Hold Me Tight® Workshops are based on the science of romantic love and is a protocol developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. Through the framework of Emotionally Focused Therapy and adult attachment theory, we engage in the conversations that have been proven to be essential to successful couples.

Wise Investment

You are reaching out for help because your relationship is in crisis. You don’t have the months (or years!) to work on your relationship; it’s just not going to last that long. You need tools and you needed them yesterday!

My Semi-private Workshops are designed for couples:

  • with busy schedules
  • needing to see change and learn strategies quickly
  • searching for a time-effective option to traditional weekly sessions
  • needing a cost-effective option

In TWO days, you will receive almost FOUR months’ worth of therapy (which would cost $2250, assuming $150 per session).

I understand it’s still a financial cost, either way, but if you are going to help your relationship, invest in a strategy that gives you tools and change, quickly and effectively.

It’s Not What You Expect

Couples arrive the first morning with anxiety, worry, and awkwardness. You may be concerned it will be ‘weird’ to be with three other couples, doubtful significant change can happen over a weekend, and afraid you will experience more of the same pain you have at home.

As understandable as your fears and doubts are, every couple I have worked with has proven these false. From all my experiences, I KNOW you will leave the Weekend with fond farewells to the other couples and feeling amazed at what you have learned about your partner and relationship. You will leave with tools, understanding, a MUCH stronger connection and HOPE.

Not All Hold Me Tight® Workshops are the Same

Although Workshops around the country have the same name, there are significant differences. I emphasize these, not as a business woman, but as a therapist who realizes you are hurting and want the best odds for success.

In brief, my semi-private Workshops are different than most:

  • Group size: My workshops have a maximum of 4 couples; most workshops have 10, 15, 20 plus couples at a time.
  • Privacy: Each couple works in their own room; most workshops use a large conference room and spread couples throughout the room.
  • Content: I go through all 7 conversations in the protocol; in other workshops, some facilitators omit the topics of sexuality and handling conflicts in the moment.
  • Support: Each couple receives coaching during each exercise; most workshops commonly do not help couples unless asked and have a high ratio of couples to helpers.
  • Follow-up: I reach out by email the week after and then a 30-minute follow-up video session two weeks afterwards. Coaching or couples therapy is available if needed (and can be done online); other workshops give no follow-up or an email at most.

I love what I do and I want you to succeed!

The Details

How long is it?

Two days: Generally Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 9-4.

It’s 15 hours over one weekend; equal to about 4 months of therapy.

How many couples will attend?

At the most, 4 couples attend.

Can we attend privately?

Yes. My Private Retreats allow me to focus on you alone and are tailored for your situation.

What do we get with this?

  • Pre-workshop questionnaire so I am familiar with your issues prior to your attending
  • Workbook with exercises to take home with you
  • Plenty of structured practice with my assistant and me coaching you
  • Beverages and snacks both days
  • Follow-up email
  • Follow-up 30-minute video session
  • Exclusive access to subsequent coaching or therapy with me if needed
  • Bi-weekly emails with tips and strategies to help your relationship
  • Optional 4-page summary shared with yourselves and your providers
  • Special gift to take home to help you connect after the Workshop
  • Invitation to a private Facebook group for my alumnae only where you get continued access to me, additional tips, and support

How much is it?

The cost per couple is $675.

Where is it?

In this beautiful colonial home, located in Springfield, Massachusetts (see below).

This Workshop has dedicated spaces in the house so that it’s comfortable and private.

Hold Me Tight® Workshops change your relationship over ONE weekend.

Why wait?

“Hold Me Tight®” is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson