“Renew & Rebuild Emotional Connection” Private Retreats

It is Surprisingly Common for Couples to Grow Apart

When we are in a new relationship, we build it by having fun and connecting in various ways. We spend time together consistently and enjoy the physical connection. Then, life happens. We build a family, take on more obligations at work, and shift our priorities.

We often think “We will have time for one another when….” But the ‘when’ just doesn’t happen, and we slowly drift further and further apart.

You Feel Lonely in Your Relationship

It wasn’t intentional…no one meant for it to happen, but here it is. You are in a relationship but no longer know how to connect. You both feel the distance…the awkwardness…the tension. Communication used to feel so easy and now it’s strained and full of distance or conflicts.

It’s painful and lonely to look at your partner and feel invisible. The distance can feel like a canyon between the two of you. And there seems no way to bridge that disconnect.

“Renew & Rebuild Emotional Connection” Private Retreats Help You Connect Once Again

My “Renew & Rebuild” Retreat is intensive and designed for couples just like you. My years as a couples therapist have taught me that couples who have distance in their relationships need specific tools. During my two or three-day “Renew and Rebuild” Retreats, you gain tools to:

Improve communication so both partners feel ‘seen’ and ‘heard’ by the other.

Reduce conflict by seeing how you each are contributing to the distance in the relationship.

Understand each other better by listening and practicing empathy.

Address damage that has happened along the years and contributed to the lack of connection.

Change physical touch into a form of connection, not just a sexual release.

Cropped shot of couple holding hands sitting at table. This signifies renewing and rebuilding emotional connection in a burned out marriage.

Basic FAQS

How long is the Renew and Rebuild Retreat?

These Retreats are 2 or 3 days: approximately 7 hours each day.

The two-day option focuses on foundational tools necessary for successful communication and connection in your relationship.

The three-day option includes the foundational tools as well. The additional day gives you more practice to integrate what you are learning, time to learn more advanced tools, and a little more relaxed pace.

Whichever option you choose, you also receive 2 individual sessions pre-Retreat and 1 couples session post-Retreat.

Is the Retreat private?

Yes, this Retreat is only for you and is designed around your specific relationship needs.

Where do we do this Retreat?

Couples generally attend this Retreat at my location. I have a comfortable and beautiful space designed to accommodate the social-distancing concerns related to COVID.

Retreats may also occur at another physical space, if you are wanting to make this a ‘get-away’ or online. I am happy to discuss either of these options with you.

What’s included?
  • Depending on your choice of two or three days, either 17 or 24 hours of my complete attention on you and your relationship. This is the equivalent of 4 or 6 months’ worth of couples sessions.
  • Resource Workbook that includes exercises and information to support you at home.
  • Relationship Assessment based on an initial online intake and the pre-Retreat individual sessions.
  • Follow-up video session to address additional issues and support your progress.
  • Summary of tools and strategies we used during your Retreat. Additional tools are included that I have seen to be effective with couples in general.
  • Snacks and beverages during the Retreat to nurture and sustain you.
  • Exclusive Access to subsequent relationship coaching sessions as needed and as my schedule allows.
How successful is this?

The model used, Emotionally Focused Therapy, has a 90% success rate at reducing distress in couples.

Every couple I have worked with has left in a better place. Most couples move forward on the path of recovery and strengthening their connection.

Even if a couple decides not to continue their relationship, they are able to engage in more productive and compassionate conversations after the Retreat. The understanding and communication tools gained make co-parenting and other interactions more effective and less combative.

What’s the Next Step? Learn More…

Go to my my FAQS page for Retreats and Intensives. There, you will learn the specific and concrete details (such as costs, use of insurance, etc) that apply to my Retreats and Intensives, in general.

As Difficult as This is, You are Not Alone

Close up of hands of young couple on white couch. This signifies rebuilding emotional connection in a burned out relationship through a private couples retreat or couples therapy intensive.

I Can Show You How