Private Couples Therapy Retreat Locations

Image of two coffee cups in front of a day bed with pillows. Image is meant to portray Private Couples and Marriage Intensives with Hold Me Tight New England and Bri McCarroll.

A Time and Place for Your Relationship

This Retreat is an opportunity to be completely focused on your relationship.

When you are trying to ensure you are getting the most of your Retreat, the location is significant. Due to that, I give you a range of options to make it the best Retreat for you.


This options gives you the most flexibility to determine where you want to be during the Retreat.  Whether in your home, a luxurious resort, or a cozy get-away, you choose where you are and design the space so it’s most ideal for you. 

Picture of white New England colonial home where the New England Hold Me Tight Workshops and New England Hold Me Tight Private Couples Retreats occur.


This option puts you in my hands, my space and is in-person.  Located in Springfield, Massachusetts, we meet in my home office.  The calm and beautifully decorated space is designed to be professional, peaceful and yet ‘homey’. 

Couple relaxing in hammock. This image is meant to portray emotional connection after attending a Hold Me Tight Retreat in New England or a Hold Me Tight Retreat in Massachusetts.


This option gives you complete control over your Retreat’s location.   Whether we meet in the comforts of your home or an exotic destination, you decide where we meet and I will go to you.  For people who really want to ‘escape’, this is ideal.

Truly, I want you to succeed!

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