Private Couples Therapy Retreat Location: My Space

Picture of white New England colonial home where the New England Hold Me Tight Workshops and New England Hold Me Tight Private Couples Retreats occur.



This option puts you in my hands, my space and is in-person.  Located in Springfield, Massachusetts, we meet in my home.  I realize this work is stressful, so I have thoughtfully designed the space so it’s both comfortable and peaceful.  The beautifully landscaped outdoors serves as an optional workspace, weather permitting.  This option is available for in-person Retreats.

Specifics of a Private Couples Therapy Retreat: My Space

  • You will meet in my home/clinical space located in Springfield, Massachusetts.
  • I will take care of your comfort, providing snacks/beverages and a peaceful environment that is conducive to our work.
  • The outdoor space is full of lovely flower beds and cozy couples spaces to use during our work or break time, weather permitting.
  • The space is COVID-conscious with myself being vaccinated, social distancing (if desired), and a bathroom dedicated for your use only.
  • Lodging is available in locations nearby; I can recommend options based on what you are wanting.

Truly, I want you to succeed!

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