Private Marriage Retreats and Couples Therapy Intensives

You Wonder “What’s Happening to Us?”

Communication has broken down to the point that it can feel like a minefield when you try to talk. As you grow increasingly distant, neither of you feels appreciated nor understood. You both feel alone, not knowing how to connect and feeling hopeless.

Thoughts of “I am not good enough”, “I am going to end up alone”, “My partner isn’t there for me” or “Our relationship just can’t be fixed” swim in your head.

You Want a Healthy Relationship

You long for easy communication again, so you feel heard and understood by your partner, able to resolve conflicts effectively, and experiencing mutual respect. Naturally, you want to feel connected emotionally, knowing your partner ‘has your back’ and that you are on the same team. And you wish for a physical connection that feels fun and welcomed.

Couple holding hands on a pier. This image is meant to portray growing connections that happen in couples who attend a Hold Me Tight Retreat in New England or a Hold Me Tight retreat in Massachusetts.

I thought we would leave here with tools, but not with this renewal…this awakening. I feel like we made huge strides…a deeper connection. This is an investment, it’s a lifetime investment. It’s the best investment I have ever made.”

Savannah, Private Retreat attendee

Couples Therapy Intensives Help You Feel Emotionally Connected Again

There are no guarantees in life, but I can promise that during your Private Retreat or Intensive, you will:

  • communicate to a depth you have not experienced with your partner before.
  • understand what is happening behind the conflicts and how to stop them.
  • connect with your partner in an amazing and authentic manner.
  • address and repair hurts that have seemed impossible to heal.
empty nester couple holding hands over a cup of coffee. Image represents married couple worried they are falling out of love and unsure how to resolve conflict. Hold Me Tight Workshops in Massachusetts and New England help relationships by teaching communication skills and how to resolve conflicts.

Your Couples Therapy Intensive will be Evidence-based and Successful

Dr. Sue Johnson developed Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT); this is the basis of my Private Retreats. EFT has a 90% success rate at reducing distress in couples. Based on her research, she determined that successful couples benefit from engaging in specific seven conversations. These conversations are now the basis of her Workshop protocol, “Hold Me Tight®”.

Here is a helpful podcast with Dr. Sue Johnson. In it, she speaks specifically about the science and philosophy behind EFT and “Hold Me Tight®”.

Black couple lovingly hugging one another.  This signifies emotional connection from attending a private couples retreat or couples therapy intensive.

Different Couples Have Different Needs

Rebuilding Emotional Connection Therapy Intensive

Close up portrait of cheerful couple in love smiling on green background. This signifies an emotional connection and better communication skills and better relationship due to a private couples retreat.

Reconnect over a weekend with this 3 or 4 day Private Retreat. Safely share with one another and begin rebuilding the connection lost over the years.

Hold Me Tight Private Couples Therapy Intensive

Young lesbian couple or LGBT couple looking at each other lovingly. This signifies emotional connection and better communication in their relationship due to attending a Hold me tight private retreat.

Learn tools to connect and communicate with this 3 or 4 day Private Retreat. Based on the Hold Me Tight Workshop, couples strengthen their relationships.

Affair Recovery & Betrayal Repair Intensive

Couple holding hands in a comforting manner. This signifies rebuilding a connection after an affair and using a couples therapy intensive to do affair repair and betrayal recovery.

Begin to address and repair an affair or betrayal with this 4 day therapy intensive. Begin to address the pain and use this as an opportunity for a better relationship.

I had high expectations, maybe higher than most and they were definitely met. What exceeded was how you were really able to custom tailor the Workshop…I like how you were able to adjust on the fly. Your level of engagement is very different than a typical couples therapy session. Here, you are able to dig in and you are PRESENT… This helped us resolve longstanding issues that weren’t resolving themselves and were pushing us further apart. You were able to get right into it and solve it”

Todd, Private Retreat attendee
Empty Nester age couple dancing together; apparently falling in love again. This image is meant to represent emotionally connection, mutual respect, and rebuilding trust in a healthy relationship; tools learned from a Private Hold Me Tight couples therapy retreat in Massachusetts or a private Hold Me Tight couples therapy retreat in New England.
Private Couples Retreats teach you communication strategies to rebuild trust and create emotional connection in your relationship once again.

Tools That Help ALL Your Relationships

These Retreats and Intensives give you tools that extend past your relationship with your partner. You will be learning skills that you will carry the rest of your life. Your understanding of yourself and how people relate will impact your connections with your children, family, peers, and others for years after your weekend. That understanding is priceless.

Lesbian couple walking together. This image portrays emotional connection and better communication after attending a lesbian couples counseling retreat in MA.

What is the Cost and Details?

Great question!

Picture of white New England colonial home where the New England Hold Me Tight Workshops and New England Hold Me Tight Private Couples Retreats occur.

At New England Hold Me Tight, we know you want to ‘get it right’.

Relationships don’t just change, they are are transformed during our Private Retreats.

Serving Boston to NYC, all of New England & Online

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