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After decades of research about couples, romantic connection, and communication, Dr. Sue Johnson developed Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT); one of the most successful models for couples.

Hold Me Tight® Effectiveness

Hold Me Tight book by Dr. Sue Johnson. This image is meant to portray Hold Me Tight in Massachusetts and Hold Me Tight retreat in Massachusetts.

The Hold Me Tight® Workshop protocol is based on EFT and applies the same research and strategies.

In EFT, couples experience a 90% success rate in bringing about meaningful change and a 75% success rate in turning a marriage from distress to a secure relationship.

It surpassed my expectations.  This was not what I thought of as a typical couples retreat or couples counseling. It was very different than what we have gone through with couples counseling before because it was less about resolving the past and more about giving tools for the future.”

Shawn, Private Couples Retreat attendee
Happy couple chatting. This image is meant to portray good communication and relationship skills from attending a Hold Me Tight in Massachusetts.

It’s Not Me and It’s Not You

EFT and the Hold Me Tight® model do not focus on blaming either partner. They focus on your connection and how each of you impacts the other.

A couples experiences fairly consistent patterns when emotionally disconnected. The topics may vary, but their cycle is generally the same.

EFT and Hold Me Tight®’s help couples understand and express the longings and fears not communicated when couples are caught in the cycle. By more authentically voicing those, the intensity and frequency of cycles decrease and couples feel more connected.

EFT and Hold Me Tight®’s are based on the knowledge that as humans, we need to be connected.

Conflicts occur when we experience a sense of disconnection with those we care about.

Happy couple walking at beach. This image is meant to portray the improved relationship that happens with Hold Me Tight Workshop Massachusetts, New England.

Read more about individual roles in relationship conflicts in my blog “Our Relationship Conflicts: Two Sides of the Same Coin”.

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