“I Feel Loved & Special When”–CONNECTING ACTIVITY

Pink dogwood blower on blue table. Signifies the beauty of a lesbian relationship after attending hold me tight workshops for lesbians.

During my most recent Private Couples Retreats, one of the partners described this activity as one they did prior to getting married.  I loved it and wanted to share it with you!

Use This Activity to Increase Connection

Each person take an index card or a small piece of stationary (not too big, but not TOO small).

Each write the title “I Feel Loved and Special When…” at the top. Then, write 5 honest answers that would complete that sentence.  (HINT: Be specific as possible.  Writing: “… when you are kind” is very vague versus “…when you prepare a meal for me during the week” is clear and concrete.)

Give your list to your partner and make sure you BOTH place them in a spot you will clearly see them. Do those things as you can! 

Help your partner feel loved and special by doing the things he/she has suggested.  Your partner will feel heard and you will know you are doing something that will increase connection.

Improve Communication and Connection With a Private Couples Therapy Intensive or Couples Workshop

You can communicate but you don’t always connect in your relationship. Understandably, you long for the emotional depth and meaningful connection. As challenging as relationships can be, there’s tools you can learn to experience that deep communication and connection.

Stone walkway with garden beds on both sides, leading up to a bench. This image is meant to represent emotional connection and the ability to rebuild trust after attending a Hold Me Tight Workshop in Massachusetts with Bri McCarroll of New England Hold Me Tight.
Workshops and Retreats take place in a dedicated clinical space in a beautiful New England colonial home. This is the front walkway.

Private Couple Retreats (couples therapy intensives) and “Hold Me Tight®” Couples Workshops help you learn communication tools so you can connect more deeply. New England Hold Me Tight has skilled therapists and relationship coaches who specialize in helping couples like you who want to save a marriage or fix a relationship.

To start your path towards a healthier and more connected relationship, follow these simple steps:

1. Contact Bri McCarroll at New England Hold Me Tight.

2. Meet for a free 50-minute consultation (video or in office).

3. Determine if a Private Couples Intensive (Retreat) or a “Hold Me Tight Workshop®” would be helpful to improve your relationship’s communication and connection.

4. Start to reconnect again.

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