There is Hope

The idea of getting help quickly is appealing, but how does it work? What does a Private Retreat or Couples Therapy Intensive or Hold Me Tight® Workshop look like?

Whether you attend a Private Retreat or Couples Intensive or a Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop, you can expect to:

  • Understand the science behind your disconnections.
  • Diagnose your relationship’s unique pattern of conflict.
  • Practice new tools to navigate disagreements.
  • Learn how to effectively apologize and address hurts.
  • Communicate authentically and connect with your partner?

I Learn Your Pain, Longings and Goals

It starts with my getting to know each of you individually, before we work together. Private Retreat attendees meet me for an individual session and Workshop attendees complete an online questionnaire. Hearing your pain and anguish, I also hear your longings and goals. You realize I don’t take anyone’s side, I am on the side of your relationship.

Empty nest age couple with conflict and distance in relationship. This image is meant to portray the disconnect that is remedied by a marriage retreat or marriage seminar in New England.

You Have a Mixture of Emotions

When we meet, you will be nervous, excited, apprehensive, hopeful, doubtful or a myriad of other emotions. That is all normal. You have had months, even years of pain in this relationship. It is hard to believe such a short time can make a difference.

It’s Not What You Feared

We begin and you realize this is not what you had feared; it’s not two days of conflict, blaming, and crying. It’s our time to focus on bringing back your friendship, love, and passion. Within the first hour, you are connecting with your partner without even using words.

One hand holding another with love. This image is meant to portray better communication and connection that occurs during a marriage workshop in New England or a marriage seminar in New England.

This workshop exceeded my expectations in every way. I was very hesitant to come. Somehow, you facilitated this material in a way that felt warm, safe, comfortable and inviting. I wish that we had taken this workshop many, many years ago- because it truly is the key to being able to understand, support, and love a partner to the very core, in the deepest way.”

Michelle, private couples retreat attendee

It Makes Sense

I explain the biology behind your conflicts and it makes sense. I coax and coach you through the first conversation with your partner and you actually map out your unique pattern of conflict. You see it and name it. You realize that is the problem–not you–not your partner.

One hour together, and you are already understanding more and connecting differently.

And you have hope.

Pregnant African American woman sitting with her husband on a bench. This image is meant to portray improved communication from marriage counseling retreats in New England.

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