Couples as Empty Nesters

In the Beginning…

It was just you and your partner. You played together, shared common interests, and were able to communicate. You felt connected emotionally and physically; making a family together was the next natural step.


You began a new adventure together-raising a family. All that energy that you had focused on one another became directed at the kids. It became hard to find time for those deep conversations, let alone have sex. You may have drifted into more fixed ‘roles’ in the household, feeling some resentment and loss in the process. It was hard to talk about these changes, this is just ‘what happens’ to couples, right? You thought it would get better once the kids were gone.


The main things you had in common, the kids, are gone or soon will be. You look at your partner and wonder what you will do. This is supposed to be an exciting time, a ‘second wind’ for couples, yet you feel sad and alone. You finally have time and opportunity for sex but it feels awkward and dissatisfying. All those years of focusing on parenting tasks have left you unsure how to reach for your partner, how to communicate. You want to live your best life, but you are wondering if you can in this relationship.

One or both of you think, “Without the kids here, we have nothing in common. We will end up in divorce.” or I feel so alone, I want things to be different, but I don’t know how it can be.”

I get it.

You had a good foundation prior to creating a family and you lost yourselves along the way. You focused on nurturing your kids rather than your relationship and now you are having to relearn how to communicate and connect in a meaningful way that is authentic and fulfilling. If we understand it, we have ways to address it. 


Having tools to communicate and grow together rather than apart.

Knowing how to reconnect when you have a conflict.

Addressing some of the past betrayals and hurts so they stop coming up again, and again, and again…

Engaging sexually in a mutually satisfying manner.

Connecting in a way to create a new shared future together and not feel stuck in the pain of the past.

I Can Help

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3. Before things continue further and you feel even more disconnected, make significant change in your relationship by attending either my Hold Me Tight® Semi-private Workshop or my Hold Me Tight® Private Retreat. Over the course of two days, you will learn tools and practice skills that will change how you communicate and even possibly transform your relationship.

Which is Best for You, Workshop or Retreat?

You know your relationship best. 

If you are experiencing distance and conflicts but are able to stay motivated to work through things, the Workshop provides a generalized format that teaches you tools and gives you practice so you can understand one another better. You learn concrete skills to communicate on a deeper level, address conflicts, and heal past hurts.  

If your relationship is experiencing so much distance and conflict that you are struggling to imagine staying together once the kids are gone, I recommend the Hold Me Tight® Private Retreat option.  With this option, you learn concrete skills to communicate on a deeper level, address conflicts, and heal past hurts. The Retreat allows you complete privacy, my full attention, and the ability to create a weekend based on your schedule and focused on your relationship’s unique needs, to the depth that it needs. I see relationships improve significantly in the Workshop. Relationships are transformed in Private Retreats.   

Either way, we will get you started back onto that path where you can communicate and connect with your partner again.

Remember, I want you to succeed!

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